...to the wide field of "Intellectual Property" (IP), and in particular to the exiting area of the "IP triangle" spreading between the cornerstones of IP, which are

Whenever you aim at converting a new idea into a business relevant innovation, you need to preserve any competitive edge as much as you can - and protection of the "Intellectual Property" aspects of your idea is a prime tool.

However, it is a fine balance of consolidated effort in the various corners of the triangle which results in efficient and effective use of your resources - in either of the corners. Getting IP protection is one element - having sustainable and affordable protection is the other, or man-power resource management to get there is another one. Yet a further important point is how to exploit the protection – such as via enforcement or via licensing.

Thus, you have to face strategic decisions like where to invest and where not, or where and how to turn these investments into a bottom line profit - both with a short and a long term view.

EuroIPSC provides services enabling a strategic approach to IP protection aligned with your overall business and development strategy by building on your resources (such as, of course, your technologists and experts) and other tools of your present system - or by assisting to develop such tools.