The general approach of EuroIPSC follows the stages of a project development, with ongoing involvement at the various project stages and decision points. This approach with decision gates between the individual stages allows an efficient cost control.

The first step is to ensure, that the various project members are aware of the IP related potential benefits and risks of the project. Henceforth EuroIPSC offers an Introductory seminar for management as well as for technologists.

Obviously pending a positive decision to further pursue towards developing an IP strategy, the Exploratory phase aims at establishing a coarse road map of the field. It includes a portfolio mapping of client's and key competitors IP assets, a review with clients technologists, allowing a second level refined analysis allowing a "white / dark space" mapping within a first level IP strategy to allow management considerations and decisions.

In the next stage, the IP strategy will be furthered along the development activities of the project, with a continuous feedback mechanism.

Once enforceable IP rights are available, a further important stage is reached in the IP strategy cycle - the exploitation.

Eventually, this circle for a patent strategy is finished - but the story will start all over again - or rather should have started already way back - when the next project was started... .