In order to provide the most appropriate support for your specific field or project, EuroIPSC relies both on internal as well as on external resources. Whilst you will contractually deal only with EuroIPSC, EuroIPSC will draw on external resources which are bound into the contract, and which will be identified to yourself appropriately.

EuroIPSC is prepared to work under confidentiality contracts, or even to enter exclusivity agreements with you for certain projects and/ or business fields. At the same time, this might, of course, prevent EuroIPSC from accepting certain projects.

EuroIPSC is a new and expanding enterprise. Whilst we are eager to cover the broadest possible scope for the broadest possible clientele, the present combination of expertise resides in the fields of "old economies", such as consumer goods, especially Chemical Engineering, Physics, (physical / macro-molecular) Chemistry, but also in areas, where (from an IP right point of view) interesting developments occur, such as computer programs and/or business methods.