Philosophy and principles

EuroIPSC is committed to provide top notch service for developing and deploying the best approach of protecting your ideas, innovations, or inventions.

Preferably, this will not be done in a "black box" approach, where you provide a set of information and wait for the licensing revenues to come. Rather, it is an important element to involve your various experts and to develop and deploy the strategy together with them. Should there be outages in skills required for this approach in your organization, EuroIPSC offers the required training "on the job"(or project) - rather than listening to lectures in an anonymous environment this aims at ensuring closeness of involvement and business relevance. Similarly, EuroIPSC offers advice when creating and developing new structures in your organization.

EuroIPSC will cooperate with your existing resources (technologists, business, legal, information technologists,..) as much as possible. In particular EuroIPSC will not provide legal advice.

If appropriate, confidentiality conditions and/or exclusivity contracts can be established to protect your interests.

Thus, the approach aims at minimizing interface frictions, redundancies or outages, and mis-communications between the various existing groups - internally and/or externally.

A particular aspect of EuroIPSC services aims at development of your own resources in parallel to the development and deployment of the strategic aspects.