Management / Administration

EuroIPSC does not leave you alone when it comes to transforming your big ideas into detailed action – it is easy to agree on the principles, but the required resources (or experience to develop these) are missing. Henceforth, after a thorough analysis of your particular conditions, Euro-IPSC will propose an optimized design of an IP organization – and further help you to get there. For example, if you identify an experienced technologist, EuroIPSC will by “training on the job” develop her/him to an “IP Coordinator”. Until full functionality of your own organization, EuroIPSC will provide an “IP Facilitator” to oversee the training and the activities of your “IP Coordinator”. This includes administrative tasks, but also the training of your technologists, or management. Thus from the onset, you have a fully functional IP Organization, which will get more and more internalized following the set time frame.