Problem / Solution

The next step in creation of innovation is the application of the information and knowledge to the specific problem which is in the way towards realization of the idea for finding solutions to the problem. Often, one solution leads directly into a different problem, and a solution therefore can lead to yet another one and so on. But at one point in time, the subsequent problems become manageable, or the resulting solutions are sufficiently close to the "ideal" such that the innovation can be furthered towards the consumer or market.

Brainstorming is a well established tool for creative problem solving processes. Switching between "blue sky" sessions and "structured" sessions provides broad and at the same time "down to the earth" solutions. This polarity is a particular feature of patents - the solution presented therein has to be (at least somewhat) surprising, but the description of the solution has to be sufficiently detailed. Thus patents provide information in this polar format, but such an approach can also broaden the scope of patent applications as well as deepen the technical understanding of the own development.